The foundation to every magnificent landscape starts with the design. Landscape design companies are not all alike, you will find that you have a better overall experience with a landscape professional who has been in the industry for an extended period of time. When designing a landscape, it is important to take into consideration factors like: the type of usage the area is subject to, personal preferences, the budgets involved in building and maintaining, the surroundings areas, etc.

It is with this in mind that we approach every project. Whether your design calls for a retaining wall along the property perimeter, or a myriad of trees, flowers and shrubs throughout the yard, a well thought out plan saves time, energy and money.

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Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting, we’ll discuss your Wish List or the features you’d love to see in your outdoor living space. Does your dream backyard space include a Patio? Fire Feature? Outdoor Lighting? This list drives our landscape designer’s plan for your custom creation.


Site Analysis

We will take photographs, measurements, and elevations allowing our team to completely analyze every aspect of your property. This step is critical to a successful design because your property is unique with strengths and weaknesses. We analyze all these elements, combined with your wish list to create your dream retreat.  


Design Phase

Let the magic happen! We will develop an unbelievable design that will transform your space from an ordinary backyard into a stunning outdoor living room! Our master landscape designer creates your design in a 3D graphic based on the elements from your wish list, which allows us to fly you around the property showcasing the captivating elements and how they look both during the day and night. We’ll also discuss in detail our analysis of your space and the concept that drove the design.  

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Final Design


After your feedback, we’ll make any design changes and meet once more to finalize your design. We’ll then present you with a conceptual budget based on selected materials and options. At this point, you own the complete design and now have a master plan, which gives you the ability to install your project on your own timeline. However, design is not an exact science, which is why we offer turnkey construction too to ensure your dream oasis becomes a reality.  



The inspiration that creates a design cannot be totally transmitted on paper. Landscape design is not an exact science. It is an art. To capture this inspiration, there must be an ongoing sensitivity not only to the budget but also to the details and the design concept. Pro Lawn Services LLC project administration assures attention to artistic detail, quality craftsmanship in landscape construction, and ensures the final expression of the landscape designer’s original vision.  

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