Landscape Maintenance

First impressions are everything. Pro Lawn Services LLC experts safeguard your property’s first impression every time, maximizing the return on your landscape investment.

We design a comprehensive, customized year-round horticulture program, specific to your business’ needs and priorities while giving utmost respect to the land.

We equip our crew with the latest specialized tools of the trade to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Pro Lawn Services LLC combines the talent of our horticultural specialists and management staff together with our highly trained field crews and technicians to offer our clients unsurpassed commercial maintenance services. 

A well defined and specific maintenance program is created, documented and routinely monitored for each property. Our grounds maintenance programs are in strict accordance with correct horticultural standards. These standards go well beyond mow-blow-and-go service to offer our clients services that proactively protect the landscape investment. Scheduled Quality Judging, Safety Inspections and Horticultural Evaluations are performed, documenting each property’s condition, enabling our clients to evaluate progress and assist them with forecast budgeting. 


During a typical year under our care many project ideas may be generated for your site that, while responsive to your needs, don't fit in the current budget. As you begin your budgeting process for the next cycle we will meet with you to review your long-term goals and provide you with an annual matrix showing all pending and requested proposals as well as ongoing costs for maintenance, seasonal color etc. 


Commercial Property

We offer a full range of landscaping maintenance services for your commercial property, ensuring that your landscaping always looks great. Our commercial maintenance services are completed by experts in commercial landscaping who know what it takes to keep your outdoor spaces healthy and professional looking. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial landscape maintenance services.


Residential Property

Let us take care of your residential landscaping needs, with professional maintenance services that you can depend on.  We’ll ensure that all residential areas look great, with regular lawn mowing, tree trimming, plant care and other services that are scheduled around your needs.

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