Turf Renovation

Healthy, green turf requires more than regular mowing, fertilizing and irrigating. Pro Lawn Services LLC provides turf renovation services to improve soil conditions and ensure beautiful turf over the long term. Our turf renovation services include:

Turf Aeration 

Regular aeration helps overcome compaction stresses by improving water and air movement into the soil, increasing beneficial microbial activity and rooting depth. It also reduces the formation of thatch.


Thatching is the removal of old, tired, grass and moss build up. With a variety of different methods, the process our professionals use is called Power Raking.

The best times to thatch are in fall or the late spring, as this tends to be the time of year your lawn is at its driest and will become light and fluffy, allowing me to remove maximum amounts of dry grass, while minimizing stress to your lawn.


Adding sand and organic matter over the top of existing turf grass provides a cover for over seeding, aids drainage, improves soil conditions over time and firms up and evens out grass areas.

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